Free Agency Preview (Pitchers)-


For many teams, like mine, it is now the part of the season when looking to the future is the best option.  As you sort through late season trades to try and increase your draft picture, please remember that the draft is normally not filled with greatness, at least not immediately.  The same can normally be said for an inaugural free agency.  The following lists are not comprehensive as I cannot accurately figure who might be let go still under a contract, but the following pitchers will certainly be available-


Top Five Starters


Schmidt, Jason


Moyer, Jamie


Loaiza, Esteban


Anderson, Brian


Villone, Ron


Top Five Relievers


Worrell, Tim


Embree, Alan


Guardado, Eddie


Shuey, Paul


Hammond, Chris


Clearly there is a tremendous drop off in these lists and they could be shook up a variety of different ways.  The following list is a complete list( Sure I missed a few though) of all the pitchers that will be available as free agents.



Acevedo, Juan (1,I1-2M)

Hoffman, Trevor (1,I1-2M)

Adams, Terry (1,I1-800k)

Jones, Todd (1,I1-500k)

Alvarez, Wilson (1,I1-325k)

Lieber, Jon (1,I1-1.25M)

Anderson, Brian (1,I1-800k)

Loaiza, Esteban (1,I1-500k)

Astacio, Pedro (1,I1-800k)

May, Darrell (1,I1-325k)

Burba, Dave (1,I1-500k)

Moyer, Jamie (1,I1-3.2M)

Burkett, John (1,I1-1.25M)

Plesac, Dan (1,I1-500k)

Carrara, Giovanni (1,I1-1.25M)

Powell, Jay (1,I1-800k)

Castillo, Frank (1,I1-650k)

Reed, Steve (1,I1-1.25M)

Cook, Dennis (1,I1-200k)

Reyes, Al (1,I1-200k)

Creek, Doug (1,I1-200k)

Reyes, Dennys (1,I1-250k)

Embree, Alan (1,I1-1.25M)

Roa, Joe (1,I1-650k)

Fetters, Mike (1,I1-500k)

Rogers, Kenny (1,I1-3.2M)

Finley, Chuck (1,I1-1.25M)

Schmidt, Jason (1,I1-3.2M)

Groom, Buddy (1,I1-1.25M)

Shuey, Paul (1,I1-800k)

Guardado, Eddie (1,I1-1.25M)

Stanton, Mike (1,I1-1.25M)

Guthrie, Mark (1,I1-1.25M)

Villone, Ron (1,I1-250k)

Halama, John (1,I1-1.25M)

Wall, Donne (1,I1-200k)

Hammond, Chris (1,I1-2M)

White, Gabe (1,I1-800k)

Haney, Chris (1,I1-500k)

Worrell, Tim (1,I1-2M)

Hernandez, Roberto (1,I1-500k)

Yoshii, Masato (1,I1-800k)