Mat at Bat



Is Hyzdu playing bridge?

Taggart management got the maximum from Adam Hyzdu. Two months in the season he is leading Brassworld with 3 grand slams. On the other end, Derrek Lee, Lafontaine Park, is 2 for 16 with 6 Ks with bases loaded. As for teams Gotham City leads the way with 5.


Guessing who…..

is the best hitter against southpaws? Barry Bonds, Toontown, is hitting .447 with 15 walks, 4 doubles and 10 homeruns in 47 AB’s. Adam Dunn,Taggart, is still learning how to deal with them: the youngster is hitting .185 with 24 strikeouts in 54 at bats.


Going for butterflies

Derrek Lee, is leading the way with 77 strikeouts. He is followed by another Diamond, Mike Cameron, with 69.



Here is a measure of how terrific Bonds was til now. He has 27.5 run created per 27 outs; the second best performance belong to Port Richey ‘s McGriff with 12.8


Wasted opportunities

Cliff Floyd, Plum Island, had 49 RBI’s but left on base 62 runners, the most in the league.


Most feared hitter

Among the regulars Fred McGriff is the most feared hitters: he got 9 IBB in 173 plate appearances, that is the 5.2% of PA’s. SanBernardino’s Alex Rodriguez is second with 3.4%.


Mr. Perfect

Edgar Renteria, Portland, is perfect in bunting. He is 6 for 6 til now with two squeeze play perfectly delivered.


Mr. Clutch

Magglio Ordonez, Toontown, hit 6 homeruns in clutch situations. He is hitting .500 with 17 hits and 26 RBI’s in 34 at bats.


Weird lead-off men

Batting first for Waukesha, Derek Jeter is leading all leadoff hitters in the league with 79 hits. The problem is he is leading the group in strikeouts, too, with 49.

Leading off for Syracuse is Brian Giles. In that slot the big guy has .478 OBP. In 146 at bat he batted 51 hits, 14 doubles, 14 homeruns, with 36 walks and 25 strikeouts.


Heavy pinch duty

After the first 55 games Taggart’s Wil Cordero has 37 AB’s as pinch hitter. He is responding well hitting .351 with 13 hits and a homerun.


Which glove they are using?

Centerfielder Andruw Jones, West Bend, had 162 putouts in 55 games, that is near 3 catches per game. Trailing is Taggart’s CF Vlad Guerrero with 147.