Mat at the bat


The keystone masters

Boston is not enjoying a good seasoon but its keystone combination is at the top of the biz. Barry Larkin is the best SS in turning double plays with 0.83 DP per 9 innings. His compadre Brent Abernathy is second among the 2B with 0.85. The top secondbaseman is SanBernardino’s Mark Ellis with 0.87.

Among those with the minimum of two thirds of games played at the position WestBend’s SS Rafael Furcal and Toontown’s 2B Jerry Hairston are in the last place with, respectively, 0.47 and 0.41-


That guy handle a bazooka

Aspen’s Jason LaRue is shooting down the runners at a rate of 62%. At a distant 44% there are West Oakland’s Bengie Molina and Annadale’s Mike Lieberthal-


A goalie is needed in the Park

Lafontaine Park’s catchers Craig Wilson and Matt LeCroy are leading the pack with 34 combined passed balls in 527 innings. Buckeye’s Paul LoDuca is third, but with 12 in 648 innings.


His glove doesn’t help his arm

Maryland’s pitcher Mark Redman committed 7 errors in 101.2 innings. Surprisingly enough he’s given up only 4 unearned runs.


He cleans all the bases

Who is the the best clean-up hitter? Batting fourth for Abilene, Manny Ramirez is leading the Brassworld in batting average (.367), OBP (.467), SLG (.770) and OPS (1.236), but he batted in only 38 runs that is the near the half of the leader. Plum Island’s Cliff Floyd is leading the way with 73. Torii Hunter, Annadale, is second with 71.


Pitchers at bat

Annadale’s Russ Ortiz is helping his cause leading the Brassworld either in homers (3) and hits (14). Randy ‘Big Unit’ Johnson, playing for Syracuse, is at the top putting down 10 sacrifice hits-


The All Fielding Team

At the halfway of the first Brassworld season this is the All Fielding Team: C J.LaRue, Aspen, 1.000; 1B J.Olerud, Aspen, .999; 2B C.Biggio, Waukesha, .997; V.Castilla, Boston, .986; M.Bordick, Williamsburg, 1.000; LF R.Fick, Virginia, 1.000; CF J.Damon, West Oakland, 1.000; RF J.Drew, Silver, 1.000; P C.Schilling, Portland, 1.000-


Left is best

Using Paul Johnson’s Estimated Run Production formula to evaluated the offensive performance of the players, there is no surprise in seeing Barry Bonds, Toontown, at the top with 100 runs. Trailing him are five lefties: Jim Thome, Williamsburg (80), Brian Giles, Syracuse (77), Larry Walker, Syracuse (74), Jason Giambi, Rivendell (69.3), Bobby Abreu, West Oakland (69.1).

The first right handed hitter is Buckeye’s Albert Pujols, seventh, with 68.8-


The winning shot

12 of 56 RBI’s of Virginia’s Nomar Garciaparra were the deciding run of the game.

Make contact

Craig Counsell, Williamsburg, is the harder hitter to fan. He was fanned 20 times in 311 plate appearences, that is one strike out every 15.6 PA’s. Abilene’s Edgardo Alfonzo and Greenville’s Omar Vizquel are trailing with 13.3 and 13.1 respectively.


Take the pitch

Eric Hinske, Silver, is taking the most pitches per PA (4.11). Among those with at least 250 PA’s, Silver’s Carlos Beltran, Waukesha’s Randy Winn, Olerud and Ja.Giambi follow at 3.98-


Hit in the dirt, in the air

Plum Island’s Juan Pierre has the higher groundball to flyball ratio with 217/94 (2.31). Rivendell’s Aaron Boone the smallest with 100/160 (0.63)


Stealing home

In 972 game played there were only 12 attempts to steal home. Only Hairston was successful. Taggart failed all its three attempts with Frank Catalanotto, Jimmy Rollins and Angelo Jimenez.