When I made the decision to join Brassworld, I was aware that preparing to draft an entire league was a project in and of itself.  What I wasn't immediately aware of was the preparation it takes to draft 48 rounds- including 8 minor league picks for each team.  In case you're not strong in math, that's 192 minor leaguers- not including guys like Drew Henson who came up for the proverbial 'cup of coffee'. 


But, as of the end of the calendar year 2002, I'm getting close to being ready.  I have no idea how many hours I have put forth in preparation.  However, I find myself itching to get started.  Frankly, I don't know how well I'll draft.  I believe I have a decent understanding of the salary system, but never having been in such a system, I can only imagine that mistakes will be made.  Those mistakes will not be from lack of preparation.


The league I belong to now is called Coast to Coast Baseball League.  Members in Brassworld that are members of CTCBL are Robert Smith, Wayne Foulke and Bill Galanis (watch out for THAT guy).  We in the CTCBL consider ourselves fairly astute baseball managers.  But, I can only assume that those who have participated in the progenitors of Brassworld are at least the equal of CTCBL WITH knowledge of a salary system.   Personally, I consider it a challenge to stay competitive in such a league.


CTCBL expanded from just an AL (with extras) league to a full major league prior to the 1990 season.  This was the only time I have ever drafted an entire league.  It was only the National League minus some players currently on the AL rosters playing in the NL.  My first pick was Eric Davis.  I thought the guy was a sure fire future hall of famer.  Great choice, eh.  I sure hope I do better with the 5th overall pick in Brassworld.  I think we drafted about 30 rounds.  I was fortunate enough to pick Larry Walker with a very late pick, so I guess it all evens out.


I've thought alot about the 5th pick.  I'm leaning toward a 'no brainer' type of a pick, give the guy $35,000,000 over 5 years and worry about salary problems with later picks.  Pedro, Giambi, Helton, Garciaparra et al would look good in a Wolverine uniform.   There are some very solid youngsters who would come much less expensive, though.  Pujols, Soriano, the Oakland starters, etc.  Very intriguing. 


At any rate, I'm looking forward to January 10th.  I hope Brassworld is a successful league and I welcome future dealings with all its members.


Bill Ziem

West Oakland Wolverines