Williamsburg Gazette

April 2004


Gotham City @ Williamsburg

Game #1 Burgesses 6-11-0, Gargoyles 5-11-1 13 innings Last year is reprised as Burgesses hang tough and despite 3-0 and a late 5-3 deficit beat Gargoyles 6-5. Burgesses hurl 7 innings of NO-Hit relief, last 4 by Santana. HR-Sanders Thome Counsel for WIL; Coomer for GCG  WP-Santana  LP-Embree


Game #2 Gargolyes 15-18-0 Burgesses 3-9-2 Elmer Dessens and Steve W. Sparks perform the first of what will likely be many tag team appearances. Gargoyles pummel these butchers mercilessly. HR-Cruz Bagwell ChipJones, 2. WP-Lackey was beneficiary and Boyd notched a “save” for 3 IP.


Game #3 Burgesses 6-12-1 Gargoyles 4-6-3  Fielding lapses led to multiple runs; Sheffield had a key miscue in 8th that allowed go ahead runs to score after Gotham City had rallied from a 4-0 deficit to tie it at 4-4. Jose Cruz had 2 errors and a base hit allowed also critical earlier in game; I believe it was all in same inning. WP-Perez 1-1, 3.79  Save-Santana (1) 2.19  LP- Ramirez 1-1, 5.06.  HR-Bagwell (2) Cuddyear (1)—that one tied it in 8th, off Odalis’ card.


Game #4 Gargoyles 5-11-0 Burgesses 1-8-0 Cornejo not up to task giving up 2HRs one of them a crushing 3 run jerk by Chavez (2). Chipper added a HR (3). Burgesses had some chances but could not convert them. WP-Kennedy 1-0, 1.17 Save-Embree (1) 2.35

LP-Cornejo 0-2, 6.00


Greenville at Williamsburg

#1 Burgesses 8-10-0 Black Sox 6-14-2 Damian Moss knocked around for 6 runs all earned on 8 hits + 2BBs. Heredia gave up 2 more. WP-Dessens 1-2, 6.38

Save-Rincon (1) 6.30 LP-Moss 0-1, 13.50. HR-Suzuki (1) Spezio (1) Martinez (2)


#2 Black Sox 5-10-0 Burgesses 4-8-0 Black Sox nibble most innings on Nate Cornejo and build a 5-3 lead. HR-Guillen (1) Sanders (3) Boone (2) WP-Duckworth 2-0, 3.86

S-Gordon (1) 0.00 LP-Cornejo 0-3, 6.16


#3 Burgesses 3-6-0 Black Sox 2-9-2 12 innings  Jacque Jones lead off walk off HR (1) in bottom of 12th off Joe Nathan (L,0-1, 4.91)made a winner of Johan Santana (2-0, 2.95) who hurled 4 hitless innings of relief. One Felipe Lopez error led to an unearned run earlier off Buerhle. 3 DPs aided Burgess cause. Earlier, Thome missed a 1-7 HR chance in 9th to win.


Rivendell @ Williamsburg

#1 Rivendell 8-12-1 WIL 3-7-0  RIV jumped on Jorge Sosa for a 4 spot in first and we didn’t do much with Tomko. We scored a couple with help of error by SS Ginter who was an injury replacement. WP-Tomko 1-0, 2.84  LP-Sosa 0-1, 5.29 HR-Burnitz (1)


#2 Rivendell 6-11-1 WIL 4-9-0  Down 6-0, we lose 6-4 as Jacque Jones muffs a BP HR chance that would have tied score in 8th. The home park here strongly favors the LHB as many of you know; this muff by Jacque left the hometown crowd very disappointed. We couldn’t do a thing with Fassero (W, 1-0, 0.00); the 3 runs came off Grimsley in relief who was staked to 6-0 lead. Burnitz had the HR (2). LP-Maroth 1-1, 4.67 save-Silva (1) 0.00


#3 WIL 3-11-0, Rivendell 2-11-1  Rivendell gets 11 hits and 2 BBs in 4 and 1/3 off Dessens and emerges with only a 2-0 lead and doesn’t find the jugular. WIL nibbles away nearly winning in 8th but a Boone DP kills threat. In 9th, Counsel singles, steals 2nd and Santana tries to bunt him to 3rd but goes 1-2 in count. Next pitch was a passed ball, Counsel to 3rd. Then Tam (L,0-1, 9.00) gives up a single to Santana (W, 3-0, 2.66) off his own card and WIL salvages one game. WIL throws 4 and 2/3 IP of no hit relief.


Baltimore Bay Sox @ WIL

Game #1 Bay Sox 10-14-0 Burgesses 4-9-1  Cornejo (L, 0-4, 7.77)  did not have his “at’em” pitch going tonight and the Bay Sox shredded the Burgesses and did it early going up 8-0 after 3. Cornejo gave up 10 hits in 3 IP. HR-Lopez, Huff, Jones. Matos had a consolation HR off Harden. Dave Burba contributed with a save.


Game #2 BBS 5-8-0 WIL 4-9-0 Burgesses battle back from 3-1 deficit to lead momentarily but Rincon (L, 0-3, 8.76) hands it back to Bay Sox when they score 2 in 8th. Johan Santana uncorked a WP to allow tie breaking run to score. HR-Lopez, Matos

Halama blows save but vultures a win; Kolb shaky in 9th but gets out of a 1st and 3rd one out jam for save.


Game #3 WIL 3-8-0, BBS 1-5-1 Jorge Sosa (W, 1-1, 4.50) is “effectively wild” giving up 4 hits and 5 BBs in 5 innings. Kershner and Santana (S, 2, 2.16) shut down Sox over last 4 innings. HR-Green Counsel (2) JJones (2). Jacque Jones 2 run shot was game winner in 5th. LP-Traschel.