Williamsburg Gazette

April 2004


Gotham City @ Williamsburg

Game #1 Burgesses 6-11-0, Gargoyles 5-11-1 13 innings Last year is reprised as Burgesses hang tough and despite 3-0 and a late 5-3 deficit beat Gargoyles 6-5. Burgesses hurl 7 innings of NO-Hit relief, last 4 by Santana. HR-Sanders Thome Counsel for WIL; Coomer for GCG  WP-Santana  LP-Embree


Game #2 Gargolyes 15-18-0 Burgesses 3-9-2 Elmer Dessens and Steve W. Sparks perform the first of what will likely be many tag team appearances. Gargoyles pummel these butchers mercilessly. HR-Cruz Bagwell ChipJones, 2. WP-Lackey was beneficiary and Boyd notched a “save” for 3 IP.


Game #3 Burgesses 6-12-1 Gargoyles 4-6-3  Fielding lapses led to multiple runs; Sheffield had a key miscue in 8th that allowed go ahead runs to score after Gotham City had rallied from a 4-0 deficit to tie it at 4-4. Jose Cruz had 2 errors and a base hit allowed also critical earlier in game; I believe it was all in same inning. WP-Perez 1-1, 3.79  Save-Santana (1) 2.19  LP- Ramirez 1-1, 5.06.  HR-Bagwell (2) Cuddyear (1)—that one tied it in 8th, off Odalis’ card.


Game #4 Gargoyles 5-11-0 Burgesses 1-8-0 Cornejo not up to task giving up 2HRs one of them a crushing 3 run jerk by Chavez (2). Chipper added a HR (3). Burgesses had some chances but could not convert them. WP-Kennedy 1-0, 1.17 Save-Embree (1) 2.35

LP-Cornejo 0-2, 6.00


Greenville at Williamsburg

#1 Burgesses 8-10-0 Black Sox 6-14-2 Damian Moss knocked around for 6 runs all earned on 8 hits + 2BBs. Heredia gave up 2 more. WP-Dessens 1-2, 6.38

Save-Rincon (1) 6.30 LP-Moss 0-1, 13.50. HR-Suzuki (1) Spezio (1) Martinez (2)


#2 Black Sox 5-10-0 Burgesses 4-8-0 Black Sox nibble most innings on Nate Cornejo and build a 5-3 lead. HR-Guillen (1) Sanders (3) Boone (2) WP-Duckworth 2-0, 3.86

S-Gordon (1) 0.00 LP-Cornejo 0-3, 6.16


#3 Burgesses 3-6-0 Black Sox 2-9-2 12 innings  Jacque Jones lead off walk off HR (1) in bottom of 12th off Joe Nathan (L,0-1, 4.91)made a winner of Johan Santana (2-0, 2.95) who hurled 4 hitless innings of relief. One Felipe Lopez error led to an unearned run earlier off Buerhle. 3 DPs aided Burgess cause. Earlier, Thome missed a 1-7 HR chance in 9th to win.


Rivendell @ Williamsburg

#1 Rivendell 8-12-1 WIL 3-7-0  RIV jumped on Jorge Sosa for a 4 spot in first and we didn’t do much with Tomko. We scored a couple with help of error by SS Ginter who was an injury replacement. WP-Tomko 1-0, 2.84  LP-Sosa 0-1, 5.29 HR-Burnitz (1)


#2 Rivendell 6-11-1 WIL 4-9-0  Down 6-0, we lose 6-4 as Jacque Jones muffs a BP HR chance that would have tied score in 8th. The home park here strongly favors the LHB as many of you know; this muff by Jacque left the hometown crowd very disappointed. We couldn’t do a thing with Fassero (W, 1-0, 0.00); the 3 runs came off Grimsley in relief who was staked to 6-0 lead. Burnitz had the HR (2). LP-Maroth 1-1, 4.67 save-Silva (1) 0.00


#3 WIL 3-11-0, Rivendell 2-11-1  Rivendell gets 11 hits and 2 BBs in 4 and 1/3 off Dessens and emerges with only a 2-0 lead and doesn’t find the jugular. WIL nibbles away nearly winning in 8th but a Boone DP kills threat. In 9th, Counsel singles, steals 2nd and Santana tries to bunt him to 3rd but goes 1-2 in count. Next pitch was a passed ball, Counsel to 3rd. Then Tam (L,0-1, 9.00) gives up a single to Santana (W, 3-0, 2.66) off his own card and WIL salvages one game. WIL throws 4 and 2/3 IP of no hit relief.


Baltimore Bay Sox @ WIL

Game #1 Bay Sox 10-14-0 Burgesses 4-9-1  Cornejo (L, 0-4, 7.77)  did not have his “at’em” pitch going tonight and the Bay Sox shredded the Burgesses and did it early going up 8-0 after 3. Cornejo gave up 10 hits in 3 IP. HR-Lopez, Huff, Jones. Matos had a consolation HR off Harden. Dave Burba contributed with a save.


Game #2 BBS 5-8-0 WIL 4-9-0 Burgesses battle back from 3-1 deficit to lead momentarily but Rincon (L, 0-3, 8.76) hands it back to Bay Sox when they score 2 in 8th. Johan Santana uncorked a WP to allow tie breaking run to score. HR-Lopez, Matos

Halama blows save but vultures a win; Kolb shaky in 9th but gets out of a 1st and 3rd one out jam for save.


Game #3 WIL 3-8-0, BBS 1-5-1 Jorge Sosa (W, 1-1, 4.50) is “effectively wild” giving up 4 hits and 5 BBs in 5 innings. Kershner and Santana (S, 2, 2.16) shut down Sox over last 4 innings. HR-Green Counsel (2) JJones (2). Jacque Jones 2 run shot was game winner in 5th. LP-Traschel.



















Williamsburg Gazette May 2004


Port Richey @ Williamsburg 

#1 WIL 3-8-0  PRS 1-6-0  Jorge Sosa and Horacio Ramirez hooked up in a pitchers’ duel but the relievers figured in the decisions. Kershner vultured a win: after allowing a PH HR by Phil Nevin to tie it, Jim Thome got him off the hook with a PH HR in bottom half of inning. Sanders added insurance HR.  Kershner W, 1-1,  4.15  Mateo L, 1-1, 1.48.

Save-DeJean (1) 1.38.


#2 WIL 4-8-1 PRS 3-9-0 11 innings Burgesses come back from early 3-1 deficit to tie on it on Jacque Jones 8th inning BP HR off Julio Mateo, victimized again in this series. Bret Boone’s single up the middle scored Reggie Sanders with winning run. HR-Jones (4) Clark (1) Wells (8) WP-Santana 4-1, 2.83 LP-Urbina 0-2, 2.08.


#3 WIL 4-12-1 PRS 3-10-1   13 innings Thome doubled to lead off the 13th and scored when Bret Boone singled past Marlon Anderson on a GbX.  The ballpark played a large role as much of Port Richey is right handed and thus they were stymied on their BP chances repeatedly. Tony Clark had to play catcher for 4 innings but luckily there were no CA(x) and only a rare baserunner for the Sand Cranes. WP-Kershner, 2-2, 4.00

LP-Baez 0-1, 9.00


#4 WIL 5-9-1 PRS 3-9-0 Burnitz hit 2 HRs (4) and Thome added his 5th as the Burgesses complete the sweep. WP-Perez 2-1, 3.95 Save-Rincon (3) 6.08 LP-Carrasco 0-1, 6.00.


BrassWorld Champion Sky Chiefs at Williamsburg

#1 Burgesses 5-8-0 Sky Chiefs 0-4-1 That’s right Elmer Dessens R9R (W, 2-3, 5.13) himself befuddles the powerful Sky Chief lineup twirling a 4 hit complete game shut out. The coup de grace came in the 8th when with runners on 2nd and 3rd, SKY HAL elects to intentionally walk Tom Goodwin to load bases for Juan “DP” Castro. But as he’s got a great glove, I let him hit and he rewards me with grand slam (1). Shields LP, 3-1, 2.63.


#2 SKY 2-6-0 WIL 0-7-2 Williams (W, 3-4, 2.84) combines with 2 relievers to shutout Burgesses.  Odalis Perez (L,2-2,3.49) was tough luck loser HR-Walker (4).

Save-Gagne (9) 1.29.



BURGESSES, 2-7-0, 0-0-1  My first  no hitter in about 11 seasons of strat. I tried hard to bust it up with 4 pinch hitters (game was close, too, 1-0 through 8 innings) to no avail. All this within a week of his perfecto in TV Baseball. Johnson W 2-1, 3.86 Save-Gagne (10) 1.20

LP-Tough luck for Cornejo-his game of the year L,1-5, 5.03; only 3 hits in 6 innings but it was not enough.




Greenville Black Sox at Williamsburg

#1 GBS 2-10-0 WIL 1-6-0  Like in 2003, we struggle against southpaws. Randy Johnson just no hit us and Mark Buehrle (W, 4-0, 2.36) pitched 8 solid innings against us. Tino Martinez hit a 2 run HR (6) and made a hard luck loser out of Cornejo again (L, 1-6, 4.61)

#2 GBS 3-7-0  WIL 0-5-0  Third shutout against us in last 4 games; again we are victim to a southpaw, D. May (W, 2-3, 4.98). Jorge Sosa pitched well but was wild one inning; he lost and is now 2-2, 3.23. Spooneybarger got his 1st save , 0.00 era.


#3 GBS 9-14-1  WIL 6-11-0  Black Sox play longball as 3 HRs stake them to 7-0 lead. Sox coast rest of way and get the sweep. Redding won 2-1, 3.55 and Maroth took the loss, 1-3, 5.25. HR-Cruz (2) Alou (5) Spezio (4) Thome (6) Clark (2) Save-Gordon (7), 0.66.



Silver Sluggers at Williamsburg

#1 SIL 3-7-0 WIL 2-8-1  Burgesses up 2-0 into 8th when Sluggers add one making it 2-1. Then in 9th, at least 2 fielding glitches along with other single/BBs add 2 more runs and suddenly Burgesses are the losers. Santana was not loser but his fingerprints were on the ball. WP-Weber 2-1, 5.21 Save-Mantei (7) 3.38. LP-DeJean 0-1, 1.45.

#2 WIL 3-9-0 SIL 2-8-0  Hard fought game goes to Burgesses on strength of late 2 run BP HR by Jacque Jones (5). HR-Everett 2 (3). WP-Dessens 3-3, 4.75. S-Santana (3), 2.68. LP-Lawrence 1-4, 8.78.

#3 WIL 8-14-1 SIL 1-3-1  Finally we beat a lefty but good. Al Leiter (L,2-3, 6.06) shows his age as the Burgesses get 9 hits in 5+ IP off of Big Al. Tony Clark and Tom Goodwin jack  HRs #3 and #1 respectively; both were 2 run jobs. Odalis Perez picks up win (3-2, 3.21) and Sparks (2.38) pitches 2 scoreless relief innings.


Toontown Rabbits at Williamsburg  

#1 WIL 8-10-0  TOO 3-10-0  Toontown’s starter Dickey got off to a very rocky start allowing 4 runs in first inning; first 5 batters reached base before he set down next 3. Dessens did well scattering 9 hits over 6 innings yet allowing just 2 runs. Boone’s 2 run blast in 7th iced game. HR-Matos (5) Boone (4) Klesko (8) Bonds (7)  Dessens W, 4-3, 4.56  Dickey L, 1-5, 4.98.

#2 TOO 8-13-0  WIL 4-8-1  Toontown busted  a close 2-1 game with a 5 spot in 7th inning. Juan Rincon allowed the first 3 men he faced in relief to get on, and then Sparks the mop up man was called and 2 more got on, including HR by Dmitri Young (2). HR-Bonds (8) Jones (6) Boone (5)  Rivera W,3-1,  3.75  Perez L, 3-3, 3.34

#3 WIL 4-8-0  TOO 3-7-0  Burgesses play longball as all 4 runs are solo shots. Included was Burnitz PH HR (5) to tie it and amazing Bret Boone’s 6th HR and 3rd of series to break a 2-2 tie; Bret converted a “1” split chance --- it was a BP HR. Reggie Sanders immediately followed with his 8th HR. Todd Greene hit his 4th. Johan Santana (W, 5-1, 2.47) pitched well in relief of Cornejo who himself pitched well for 5 innings. Alfonseca lost, 0-2, 4.68. DeJean earned save #2, 1.27.