Williamsburg Gazette June 2004


Syracuse visits Williamsburg


Game #1 SKY 13-16-0 WIL 5-10-0  Nate Cornejo did not have his “at’em” pitch (L, 1-10, 6.79) going as the Sky Chiefs bolted to a 7-0 lead after 3 and proceeded to bury the Burgesses. We had a pyrrhic victory though chasing starter Woody Williams before he could finish 5 innings thus denying him the win. Carter won 1-0, 3.56. HR-Valentin (8) Jones (9) Thome (12). Valentin had 7 rbi.


Game #2 SKY 3-6-0  WIL 2-6-0  A good game goes 10 innings when Jose Valentin doubles home Larry Walker who had walked. Johan Santana took the collar (L, 5-3, 4.55) and Speier won it (1-1, 5.61). Bret Boone had a 2 run HR (12) and Larry Walker had a solo shot (9).


Game #3  Burgesses 8-12-0  Sky Chiefs 6-9-1  Sky Chiefs bolted to a 4-0 lead before Burgesses had a power surge as both Burnitz and Jones had a pair of HRs (Jones 10, Burnitz, 9). The home team was up 6-5 and SKY did tie it but it was Burnitz 2nd HR that iced it. Santana got his 4th save, 4.41. DeJean was winner, 1-1, 1.53. Spurling took loss, 1-2, 8.00. Sky Chiefs lived up to their name as well with 4 HRs Kinkade  (4) Walker (10) Nixon (11) Mohr (2). HAL brought Eric Gagne in in 5th inning and he did give up a run but it was unearned (Julio Lugo error-a weak spot in a strong team).


Annadale makes first ever trip to Williamsburg


Game #1  Anteaters 7-14-1 Burgesses 2-10-1  It would’ve been a close game but Russ Ortiz (W, 4-6, 4.00) took matters into his own hands and hit a game clinching 3 run homer (1) to put ANN up 6-0. Tucker hit #6.  Dessens lost, 4-4, 5.17.


Game #2 Anteaters 9-13-0  Burgesses 3-5-1  It may seem strange to read but this game was actually a lot closer than the final score indicates, at least for the first 6 innings. We were tied at 3 after 6 and ANN had a string of RHBs coming up so I brought in R9R DeJean; well, after Lieberthal got a single, HAL pinch hits with LHBs and they do come through and so do RHBs Berroa and Randa; thus a good strategy foiled. Sparks came in and did a lousy mop up job. Biddle W, 1-0, 3.00. Perez L, 4-4, 3.30. HR-J.Jones (11)


Game #3  Annadale 11-18-3 Williamsburg 8-13-2 10 innings  Juan Rincon stinks!! (But he’s not supposed to!!) That sums up the printable version of my feelings when after we rally from 5-2 to tie it at 5 in 9th, Juan Rincon comes in and gives up 6 runs with many of the doubles coming off his own lousy card. Rincon L, 0-4, 6.61. Hasegawa W 2-2, 4.08. save-Marte (15, 2.41). HR-Anderson (17) Hunter (13) Goodwin (2). Anderson went 6-2-4-5.


Rematch of 2003 Brassworld Playoff: Waukesha @ Williamsburg


Game #1  Burgesses 13-18-1  Keglers 6-8-3  Juan Rincon (W, 1-4, 6.87) blows his 5th save opportunity but vultures win #1 from Odalis Perez. The Big O was mowing them down till the 6th when the wheels came off. The pitcher was up and I didn’t know who Carl Yaztrzemski would bring in to pinch hit so I opted for Rincon R2L thinking to hedge my bets. Geoff Jenkins was selected by the clairvoyant Yaz and a 3 run BP HR was jacked to give the Keglers a momentary 5-4 lead. Much to my surprise, the Burgesses did not roll over however and blew the game open with a 6 run 6th and retook the lead at 10-5. HR-Lowell (19) Jenkins (8) Matos (8) Blanco (1) Hermanson (L, 1-3, 5.87): 9 runs, 8 hits and 3 BBs in 2 and 2/3.


Game #2  Keglers 4-10-0  Burgesses 3-10-0  14 innings  Bottom of the 9th, 3-3 tie, Burgesses with runners on 1st and 3rd, 2 out. Matos rolls a Gb1b(X) and lo and behold, there’s Sir Strangeglove Edgar Martinez 1b-5 e-30, GAME OVER? No! He converts the chance and the Keglers wear my pitching staff down. Finally, Sparks (L,0-1, 3.31) is allowed in and predictably there’s a BB followed by a triple in top of 14th. Isringhausen W, 1-0, 4.35. Geoff Jenkins did me in earler with a 3 run jerk (9) off Cornejo to tie game at 3. Burnitz hit #10, a solo shot.


Game #3  Burgesses 7-11-0  Keglers 0-4-0  Jorge Sosa and Johan Santana (W, 6-3, 3.89) combine to shutout Keglers in rubber match of the series. Jim Thome sported an unusual 0-3-0-0 box score, scoring on 3 BBs. Bret Boone hits HR #13 as rumors swirl he’s about to be dealt to either LaFontaine Park or Annadale. He’s giving the hometown fans a few last memories. Burkett L, 3-5, 5.35.