Gotham City Gargoyles 2004


After finishing 75-87 in 2003 the 2004 Gotham City version will attempt to improve on that mark.


Projected Line-up

Carlos Guillen

Jose Cruz Jr.

Gary Sheffield

Eric Chavez

Jeff Bagwell

Chipper Jones

Mayne/ Pratt

Luis Rivas


In 2003, GCG out-homered its opponents 264 to 205 but was outscored by 60 or so runs. The main reason was the lack of on base percentage from the top of the order. The number one and two positions held an OB% of .306 and .302 respectively. Essentially there was no one on base for the 3-4-5-6 hitters. Hopefully that will change with Carlos Guillen and Jose Cruz Jr. (100 walks) at the top of the order.



Projected Rotation

Jason Johnson

Darrin Oliver

Brett Myers

John Lackey

Billy Traber / Joe Kennedy


Gotham City finished 2003 with and ERA of 5.12 which was 23rd of 24 Brassworld entries. Gone are the likes of Travis Phelps (11.27), Luke Prokopec (8.31), and Shawn Estes (6.95). Brett Myers should improve on his 8.64 ERA of 2003. Joe Kennedy, by far our most effective starter in 2003, will be relegated to a swingman role in 2004. Jason Johnson, free agent addition Darrin Oliver, John Lackey and Myers head up an improved rotation. Improved is a relative term, as the starters had a 5.49 ERA in 2003.



The 2004 starting rotation total salary is 3.3 million of a total team payroll of 41.5 million. This is a mere 8% of total payroll. Now I have not had time to check the percentage spent on starters but I cannot imagine any team in Brassworld spending a lower percentage on their starting rotation. Now this is not something we are boasting about, it is just the way it worked out. GCG did turned down a free agent bid on Darrell may for 3 years $9 million simply because he didn’t seem like the type of pitcher who will be worth $3 million two years from now.


Jason Johnson is the highest paid at 1.2 million, no one else is over a million. The bullpen is deep and strong, it would have to be in order to support such an average starting staff.  Latroy Hawkins leads a list of no less than 10 relievers that will be shuttled in and out from month to month.



2004 Outlook and Beyond


Truthfully, barring something unforeseen, the best GCG could finish is 3rd in the Ruth Division. Plum Island and Portland are very strong. Toontown and Williamsburg are returning play-off teams so we’ll have our work cut out for us. 

The team is pretty much intact until the end of the 2005 season. Then Bagwell, Cruz Jr., and Sheffield will become free agents, and Cuddyer is entering arbitration. The development of Heilman, Traber, Myers, and Lackey are key to developing a solid pitching staff while controlling costs.