Itís been over a year since I joined this league and began play, and along the way there has been something on my mind that I have never stated publicly. Actually itís a two part thought. Wow! And Thanks!


Iíve been involved in PBM leagues since 1971. One I was in for 24 straight years (the BBL and itís still going), including the last 12 as commissioner. Of all the leagues there are none that compare to Brassworld! The BBL was, and is, an excellent league. I devoted a lot of time to it, producing the monthly newsletter (never missed one), recruiting new members (wasnít often as the turnover was very low), tabulating the stats, conducting the draft, etc. But it pales in comparison to what Mark and Corey put into this league.


With the introduction of the computer, a computerized Strat game, and the internet, the job of conducting a league has become much simpler. But it nonetheless takes dedication and time. Both Mark and Corey put in much more than most. The reports they put out, the Rosters and Newsletter are far better than first rate. These are incredibly deep and thorough works of art! Iím sure they do, but from looking at what they produce Iíd assume that they have no other life. They must spend 18 hours a day, every day, working on Brassworld, getting just 6 hours of sleep a night.


It was Mark that approached me, asking me if I would be interested in joining this new league. Having been a part of it now for over a year all I can say is Ö Wow Ö and, Thanks!


Tom Fish

San Bernardino Stampede