Pythagorean Wins for Brassworld 2004



The number of runs a team scores and allows is closely related to its winning percentage. Deviations do occur and these can be attributed to luck or managerial skill. Deviations plus or minus 4 wins or less are generally attributed to luck; more extreme deviations might still be luck but are more likely to involve other explanations.


In the final set of numbers for Brassworld 2004, Portlandís manager has distinguished himself again by posting a record nearly 7 wins better than the runs for and against would have predicted. Other teams posting better than expected records include Annadale (+5) and Savannah (+8). Savannah actually bettered Portland but Savannah did not make the playoffs or even have a winning record thus its achievement is somewhat hollow for the time being but may portend another managerial genius in the bud as was the case with Portland last year.


The two most underperforming teams were Waukesha and Williamsburg. Both of these teams sported pitiful records in one run games which could easily account for the deviations seen. Williamsburg in particular finished at 16-37 in one run games, an improvement over its horrific 6-26 mark at the half way point.

Complete Pythagorean Wins for Brassworld 2004 in Excel Format.