For the first half of this month the weather in Virginia had been unseasonably warm.  Unfortunately the winter has caught up with us, so with the fireplace going strong and a pot of soup simmering on the stove it’s time to catch up with the off season news.

            After Glen Allen’s disappointing finish in the National League wildcard series with a loss to the Ocelots of Ocala, the Mets team MVP was awarded the National League MVP. Albert Pujols had great statistics: average .369, runs 150, hits 226, doubles 46, home runs 57, walks 86, OBP .453 and slugging .753. Teammate Dmitri Young had already predicted this award winner in the fall and was proven correct.  For Pujols, this award was a great individual accomplishment, but was also bitter sweet since his team fell short in the post season.



Free Agent Season


          Even when the Brassball games have concluded, the General Managers remain busy throughout the year.  Mets GM Clark had his wish list and one in bold was to resign Sean Casey and this was delivered with a $12,800,000 contract for four years.  “Sean and Albert will be a potent tandem in the heart of our batting order and sharing first base and designated hitter positions, hopefully for years to come.”

            He continued, “We lost some quality veterans this year that I had hoped to bring back to Glen Allen.  We say good-bye to Melvin Mora, Roger Clemens, David Segui and Bengie Molina.  I did sign a Molina though, younger brother Jose to back up Damian Miller at catcher.  I know our pitchers will not have trouble throwing to him since his style is similar to Bengie’s.”

            We will miss the Rocket in our rotation next year.  Roger Clemens signed a two-year deal with the World Champion Toledo Mudhens.   Luckily for us, Eric Milton will return from a year of injuries to fill a spot in our starting rotation.”

            “Maybe going unnoticed was the two other veterans that we signed.  Third baseman David Bell will fill part of the void left by the departure of Mora.  David’s defense is better than Melvin’s, but he will not be the offensive force.  B.J. Surhoff will provide part of the platoon in left field.  Both of these guys will provide quality leadership in the clubhouse and dugout as well as their contributions on the field.”

            “After the free agent season ended, I was able to acquire a great hitter for the top of our order.  We look forward to Ichiro Suzuki putting on the Glen Allen blue and orange!  Bloomington is rebuilding their team and we sent them three solid prospects to get this All-Star caliber outfielder.  I know the fans will really enjoy him and Pierre getting on base and being driven home by Pujols, Casey, etc.”

            “Now to prepare for the Rookie draft and look forward to Spring Training and warmer, sunny weather.”



If any team is looking for some more innings or at bats the Mets have some excess that are available for trade &/or sale in the next month before the draft.

 Please contact the Mets GM.