GCG 5††††††††† GCG 4††††††††††† GCG 6††††††††† GCG 2

SBS 3††††††††† SBS 3 (15 inn)†† SBS 5††††††††† SBS 4

Brad Wilkerson was 3-for-4 in game 1 but Luis Ayala fails out of the pen as Gotham City captures game 1. The Stampede scored 3 in the 8th of game 2 to tie it and send it into extra innings where Jose Cruz singled in the winning run for the Gargoyles. Kyle Lohse gets rocked and D.Miller goes 3-for-4 with a HR for Gotham City as San Bernardino loses again. Jimmy Gobble pitched a gem in the 4th game to lead San Bernardino to their 1st win of the new season.


WAU 3††††††††† WAU2††††††††† WAU 0

SBS 6††††††††† SBS 11††††††††† SBS 4

Kyle Lohse turns in a better performance and Justin Morneau goes 3-for-4 with a HR in game 1. Jimmy Gobble pitches another fine game and Aramis Ramirez gets 3 hits as San Bernardino wins again in game 2. Jae Seo and four relievers combine to shut out Waukesha as San Bernardino sweeps the series.


RIV 5††††††††† RIV 2††††††††† RIV 5

SBS 3††††††††† SBS 5††††††††† SBS 10

In game 1 Jon Garland was probably left in a bit too long as he falters in the 6th allowing Rivendell to come from behind for the win. Corey Patterson led the Stampede offense with 3 hits in game 2 as San Bernardino got back on the winning track. Game 3 saw the San Bernardino offense explode, led by Coco Crisp and Gary Matthews who each collected 3 hits.


GBS 4††††††††† GBS 1††††††††† GBS 8

SBS 2††††††††† SBS 3††††††††† SBS 13

Darrell May, three relievers and Jose Guillen (3-for-4 with two HRís) were too good for San Bernardino in game 1. Jon Garland had his stuff in game 2 as San Bernardino won a close one. Alex Rodriguez had a monster day going 5-for-5 with 2 HRís in leading San Bernardino in an offensive explosion to handily win the game.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


For the month the Stampede hit a lofty .280 at home with 16 HRís and 14 SBís. Gary Matthews led the team with a whopping .444 average, followed by Brad Wilkersonís .357. Alex Rodriguez led the team with 4 HRís at home and tied Aramis Ramirez in RBI with 11. Quite unexpectedly Jimmy Gobble, Jeff Suppan and Kyle Lohse each had 2 wins on the mound. The team had a 2.78 ERA for the month. Totaling up the runs, the Stampede outscored their opponents at home in April, 72 to 47.