Article “ View on change to closer rule “


I believe that given our constitution already has the below exceptions that I miss the logic of the arguments being promoted.  I'd hold them with credence if these rules were not in effect and we played the game as strat designed it right out of the box.  Obviously, when the league was founded the rules put in place were agreeable to all of us original members, much like our founding fathers with the constitution.  We all know what a magnificent document they crafted, but flaws were nonetheless present and have fortunately been rectified through the amendment process.  I believe that is what Daniel is alluding to that the decision with closers is arbitrary.  To that I do agree as, had Scott Linnebrink, been on the Pirates, then Mesa would have been out assaulting people like he did as an Indian.  Yet Strat deems him an advantage over such dominate pitchers that act as primary set-up men for real closers.  I chose Linnebrink instead of the no brainer Gordon ( Stuck behind Rivera ), as even teams with less than dominate closers such as TB often fail to utilize players as we would or as other MLB mangers would.  Obviously Strat recognizes this with both OF's and even catchers due to game limitations, but fail to recognize it with relievers to closers. 


That being said, if the rule is to be changed, then I believe that it places many teams that have made tactical decisions, free agency signings and draft decisions at a disadvantage.  Without a postponement to its implementation, say season after next, I'd not support the change either, not because I fear change or think Hal is akin to our founding fathers, but out of a sense of fairness to other league members. 


So no matter which way you vote, please never vote just for the statis quo or because all change is perceived as bad, but because you feel the rule if implemented just doesn’t sit right with you or seems to be unjust to others. 


For those on the fence, this really matters very little, as of my 18 leagues, ten do not use this rule and eight do.  In the league where the closer rule is enforced, an average of 4 pitchers in each top team do not have closer ratings, receiving the game penalty, yet they average 27.8 saves and ERA's of 2.99.  Clearly whether we adopt the not using the rule as the majority of the leagues I belong to have elected (but only by 10-8), it has not stopped teams from simply ignoring the game penalty and throwing in their best cards.  The question is and has been in each league changed in my experience should the Mesa’s of the world be given preferential treatment, while Gordon’s, Linnebrink’s, Gonzalez’s and King’s are punished and deemed as incapable of closing. 


X. Rules of Play


We use all SOM game company super advanced rules except for the following exceptions:


A.            We use injuries.  No injury lasts longer than the remainder of the game.


B.            We do not use the DH.


C.            All pitchers involved in trades are considered rested.


D.        You may only pinch hit for the last player you have at a given position if you are losing in the 9th or later.


E.             We do use the game company's super-advanced relief pitcher rest guidelines and pitch count rules.  Each reliever is considered to be rested at the beginning of each series.


F.             No player may play a position they are not eligible to play unless they are the last option as an injury replacement or are replacing a player pinch hit for when losing in the 9th or later.  Use the game company's guidelines when playing infielders and catchers out of position.


G.            An outfielder may play another outfield position not listed on his card, according to the game company's guidelines for such play.


H.            A position player may not pitch.


I.              We do not use MAX rules.  This is stated for clarification purposes.


J.             Because we do not use the DH, all players without a position on their SOM card will be rated at first base as a 5e30.