BRASSWORLD Single Season Records thru 2008

As BRASSWORLD celebrates 6 years in the books, a retrospective is offered that we might fondly remember many of the outstanding performances.


First though, not one major batting or pitching record was set in the past

season as maturing BRASSWORLD performances settled in between the two

standard deviations. It was only in 2007 that David Ortiz shattered the record

for home runs and rbis with 80 and 179. Not even the 60 HR or 150 rbi marks

were reached by this years leaders Alex Rodriguez (58) and Miguel Cabrera

(148). The sole new record documented here belongs to Victor Martinez of

Maryland who grounded into 35 double plays, the new single season record.

Carlos Lee had 33 this year, which might be the second highest total ever.


Many of the records cited here will probably stand a long time given the

historic nature of Barry Bonds performances the first half of this decade, but

other performances stand out also. Jason Isringhausen’s 2003 record of 52

saves by far away has been the best for BW in 6 years. We’re still quite far

from a thirty game winner, but Carlos Zambrano did win 25 back in 2004.

Chone Figgins record of 24 triples in a season leads the rest of the season

leaders by a significant margin.


BA year

Barry Bonds WIL 2005 .408

At Bats

Ichiro Suzuki GBS 2006 701

Runs scored

Barry Bonds WIL 2006 163


Ichiro Suzuki GBS 2007 231


Todd Helton MMM 2006 64


Chone Figgins BEC 2005 24

Home runs

David Ortiz GCG 2007 80


David Ortiz GCG 2007 179


Barry Bonds WIL 2005 171

Intentional Walks

Barry Bonds WIL 2005 27

Slugging Percentage

Barry Bonds WIL 2005 .981

On Base Percentage

Barry Bonds WIL 2005 .584



Barry Bonds WIL 2005 27.7



Carlos Zambrano PIG 2004 25


Roger Clemens MON 2006 2.04


Randy Johnson SKY 2003 342


Jason Isringhausen WAU 2003 52


Victor Martinez MMM 2008 35

Hitting Streak

Garrett Anderson ANN 2003 23

Ichiro Suzuki GBS 2006 23