WIL wins 2 of 3 vs Plum Island


Burgessí home record vs Greenheads for 5+ years of Brassworld now sits at 19-21. The series in Williamsburg has tilted slightly in WILís favor except for 2004 when Burgesses were league patsies at 56-106. That year we were 1-6 vs Greenheads at home. The overall record however is strongly for Plum Island which controls the overall series at 49-28.


Greenheads...... 0 1 00 0 00 0 0-190
Burgesses....... 0 0 32 0 00 2††† -7 100


Clutch prevail in Burgess 7-1 win; Contreras plays rope-a-dope

Contreras (2-2, 3.78) weaved and bobbed in and out of trouble in first few innings while it was the Burgess bats that came up with the clutch hits to put the loss on the Greenheads. In the 3rd , with 2 out, Contreras got a 5-9 off Suppanís card for a double, Lofton walked andUtley got his HR off Suppanís card. In the 2nd,5th, and 8th innings, the Greenheads had runners2 runners on base, 5 of them in scoring position, with 0 or 1 out, and scored zero runs.


Burgess like home-cooking


Greenheads...... 0 0 11 0 00 0 0-240
Burgesses....... 1 2 00 0 23 0††† -880


Burgess bats rocked and rolled to an 8-2 win behind strength of 3 ballpark HRs. Two of these were courtesy the card of Phil Hughes (L,1-1, 5.01), specifically both were 6-11 rolls. Delgado and Lofton were the benefactors of such largesse.Jeremy Hermida played longball off his own card. All took advantage of the beautiful weather and Bruton Parish Commons short right field wall. Conversely, the Greenheads had an all right handed lineup enfeebled by the long distance to the left field wall. Correia goes to 4-0, 3.03.


Greenheads salvage game #3


Greenheads...... 0 1 22 0 01 0 4- 10 151
Burgesses....... 1 1 20 1 00 0 0-590
Anthony Reyes* was faithful to his butcher card but nevertheless kept the Burgesses close through 6 yielding 5 runs in 6 IP as Woody Williams had his own set of problems. Woody though is a 6N hitter and this paid off big when Reyes served up one of his HR chances and Woody converted for a 2 out 2 run HR. The Burgess bullpen has been one of the best with a stellar ERA tarnished only some dismal outings by Dallas L7L Braden who often plays our mop-up man. In this game, it was close in the 9th when he was brought in to face two LHBs, Pie and Church. He got neither out and then Braden was left in to mop-up. Mike Wuertz took the loss (L, 0-1, 2.54) while David Riske was a perfect foil for the Burgess lineup and he picked up the win with 2 stellar IP (W, 2-1, 2.81).