1.) Virginia trades Robert Fick to Buckeye for the Buckeye's 2004 3rd Round Draft Choice and $500,000.
2.) Taggart trades Luis Rivas to Gotham City for Eric Byrnes.
3.) Lafontaine trades Geoff Blum to Buckeye for the Buckeye's 2004 5th Round Draft Choice.
4.) Silver trades Jerome Williams to West Oakland for Jason Phillips.
5.) Williamsburg trades Jared Fernandez to Virginia Neifi Perez and $300,000.
6.) Virginia trades Brian Bankw to Buckeye for Aaron Fultz.
7.) Taggart trades Jeff Weaver to Buckeye for Paul LoDuca and Paul Konerko.
8.) Annadale trades Cesar Izturis to Plum Island for Taggart's 2004 3rd Round Draft Pick.
9.) Buckeye trades Billy Koch to Plum Island for Tsuyoshi Shinjo.
10.) Buckeye trades Aaron Cook to Virginia for Buckeye's 2004 3rd Draft Pick.
11.) Tampa Bay trades Mike Mussina to West Oakland for Carl Crawford.
12.) Tampa Bay trades Ivan Rodriguez, Omar Daal and Ricardo Rincon to Plum Island for Juan Pierre and Kirk Rueter.
13.) Annadale trades Byung-Hyun Kim to Virginia for Placido Polanco and $650,000.
14.) Tampa Bay trades Brad Voyles, Alexis Gomez and Josh Hamilton to Plum Island for Rod Barajas.
15.) Tampa Bay trades Orlando Palmiero to Port Richey for Ron Belliard.
16.) San Bernandino sends Scott Scheoneweis to Tampa Bay for $140,000.
17.) Buckeye trades Tsuyoshi Shinjo to Plum Island for Plum Island's 2005 5th Round Draft Pick.
18.) Tampa Bay trades Manny Ramirez and Bobby Jenks to Portland for Freddy Garica, Adam Eaton and Brandon Lyon.
19.) Silver trades Chris Stynes to Tampa Bay for Brandon Lyon.
20.) Lafontaine trades Mike Lowell to Waukesha for Jim Edmonds.
21.) Lafontaine trades Jay Witasick to Baltimore for Ricky Ledee.
22.) Lafontaine trades Brian Daubach to Plum Island for Plum Island's 2005 3rd Round Draft Pick.


23.) Waukesha trades Moises Alou to Greenville for Greenville's 2004 3rd Round Draft Pick.
24.) Northwoods trades Milton Bradley to Virginia for Virginia's 2004 1st Round Pick, Jeff Francoeur and Rob Mackowiak.
25.) Plum Island trades Kurt Ainsworth to Taggart for Bobby Kielty.
26.) Silver trades Brandon Lyon to Buckeye for Brian Buchanan.
27.) Portland trades Erubiel Durazo and Doug Davis to Rivendell for Jason Giambi.
28.) Savannah trades C.C. Sabathia to Virginia for Todd Walker and Virginia's 2005 1st Round Pick.
29.) Lafontaine trades Corey Hart to Greenville for Ted Lilly, Rick Reed and Greenville's 2004 4th Round Draft Pick.
30.) Taggart trades Jeremy Gonzalez to Tampa for Al Levine, Kirk Rueter and Tampa Bay's 2004 2nd Round Draft Pick.
31.) Greenville trades Steve Finley and Greenvilee's 2004 2nd and 5th Round Draft Picks to Portland for Portland's 2004 2nd Round pick and 2005 3rd Round Pick.
32.) Maryland trades Royce Clayton to Tampa for Tampa Bay's 2005 4th Round Draft Pick.
33.) Buckeye trades Matt Herges to LaFontaine Park for Kenny Rogers, Dan Wheeler and $500,000.
34.) Taggart trades Jeremy Giambi to LaFontaine Park for Todd Zeile.
35.) Taggart trades Brent Mayne to Gotham City for Greg Zaun and Shawn Estes.
36.) Maryland trades Alex Cintron, Quinton McCracken and Maryland's 2005 2nd Round Draft Pick to Savannah for Josh Beckett and Damian Jackson.
37.) Tampa Bay trades Jamey Carroll to Virginia for Jared Fernandez.


38.) Virginia trades Pete Walker anf Aaron Fultz to Baltimore for $25,000.
39.) Buckeye trades Julian Tavarez to Tampa for Tampa's 2005 3rd Round Pick and $375,000.
40.) Williamsburg trades Karim Garcia and $1,600,000 to Virginia for Virginia's 2004 5th Round Pick.
41.) Buckeye trades Brook Fordyce, Kerry Ligtenberg and Mike Bordick to Maryland for Brad Radke and Maryland's 2004 4th Round Pick.
42.) Taggart trades Terry Adams and $600,000 to Maryland for Matt Kinney.
43.) Silver trades Sterling Hitchcock to Gotham City for Jeff Nelson.
44.) Buckeye trades Jason Young to Portland for Portland's 2005 6th Round Pick.
45.) Buckeye trades Joe Valentine to Taggart for $300,000.
46.) Plum Island trades Brandon Inge to Tampa Bay for Greg Norton and
47.) Northwoods trades Lance Berkman to Tampa Bay for BJ Upton and Ervin
48.) Virginia trades Danny Kolb to Baltimore for Ron Mahay.
49.) Virginia trades Ben Weber to Silver for $500,000.
50.) Northwoods trades Greg Myers, Maryland's 2004 3rd round draft choice and
$250,000 to Maryland for David Segui, Damian Jackson and Maryland's 2005 1st round draft choice.
51.) Annadale trades Pokey Reese to Tampa Bay for Tampa Bay's 2004 3rd round
draft choice.
52.) Lafontaine Park trades Rick Reed and $1,500,000 to San Bernardino for a
Krispy Kreme donut.
53.) Taggart trades Brian Reith to Annadale for a bag of peanuts.


54.) Taggart trades Antonio Osuna, Antonio Alfonseca and $1,375,000 to
Toontown for a bag of peanuts.
55.) Buckeye trades Dan Wheeler to Silver for Silver's 2004 6th round draft
56.) Tampa Bay trades Rod Barajas to Minnesota for a bag of peanuts.
57.) Rivendell trades Sammy Sosa to Maryland for Tim Salmon and Maryland's
2004 1st round draft choice.
58.) Waukesha trades Roger Clemens to Tampa Bay for Jeff D'Amico and
59.) Virginia trades Joe Beimel to Tampa Bay for Carlos Febles and Javier
60.) Virginia trades Tony Womack and $1,000,000 to Baltimore for a bag of
cotton candy.
61.) Silver trades Chris George and Paul Wilson to Annadale fo Annadale's
2005 4th round draft choice.
62.) Northwoods trades Matt Morris to Annadale for Glendon Rusch, Juan Cruz
and Annadale's 2004 1st and 2005 2nd round draft choices.
63.) Annadale trades Bill Hall and Vance Wilson to Port Richey for Shigetoshi
64.) Tampa Bay trades Curt Leskanic, Dan Plesac and Pokey Reese to Silver for
Alex Gonzalez (fla).
65.) Buckeye trades Reggie Taylor and $100,000 to Northwoods for a Northwoods
Moose tree ornament.
66.) Virginia trades Chad Zerbe and $200,000 to Buckeye for a bag of peanuts.
67.) Tampa Bay trades Royce Clayton to Maryland for a bag of peanuts.
68.) Waukesha trades Jose Molina to Annadale for a box of Cracker Jacks.
69.) Rivendell trades Scott Eyre to Silver for Aaron Sele and $400,000.
70.) Portland trades Jeff Cirillo and $200,000 to Buckeye for a bag of
71.) Lafontaine Park trades Ben Kozlowski to Portland for $100,000.
72.) Williamsburg trades Chris Singleton and $200,000 to Buckeye for Buckeye'
s 2004 6th round draft choice.
73.) Williamsburg trades Enrique Wilson to Baltimore for $25,000.
74.) Lafontaine Park trades Ruben Mateo and Nick Bierbrodt to Virginia for
Virginia's 2004 3rd and 4th round draft choices.


75.) Taggart trades Mike MacDougal, Brett Tomko and Dennis Tankersley to
Rivendell for Troy Percival, Derek Lowe and Mike Koplove.
76.) Virginia trades Bruce Chen, Jason Bere and Virginia's 2005 3rd and 4th
round draft choices to Northwoods for a Moose Mug.
77.) Silver trades Chone Figgins to Buckeye for Eric Young and Geoff Blum.
78.) Maryland trades Brook Fordyce to Savannah for Oliver Perez.
79.) Plum Island trades Greg Norton to Portland for Matt Lawton.


80.) Maryland trades Kerry Ligtenberg to Toontown for Toontown's 2005 7th
round draft choice.
81.) Baltimore trades Kevin Appier and Kris Benson to Port Richey for Port
Richey's 2005 2nd round draft choice.
82.) Port Richey trades Mike Mathews to Buckeye for $300,000.
83.) Silver trades Pokey Reese and $525,000 to Plum Island for a bottle of
Greenhead nectar.
84.) Virginia trades Aaron Cook to Aspen for Fernando Vina.
85.) Tampa Bay trades Tony Graffanino to Plum Island for Marvin Benard and
Plum Island's 2005 2nd round draft choice.
86.) Waukesha trades Warren Morris to Gotham City for $105,000.


87.) Baltimore trades Josh Fogg, Rich Harden, Marlon Byrd, Josh Barfield,
Bubba Nelson and Baltimore's 2005 1st round draft choice to Aspen for Pedro
88.) Tampa Bay trades Joe McEwing to Syracuse for $500,000.
Virginia trades Geronimo Gil to Syracuse for $625,000.
90.) Maryland trades Billy McMillon to Syracuse for $100,000.
91.) Virginia trades Frank Menechino to Syracuse for $350,000.
92.) Baltimore trades Dustan Mohr and Julio Lugo to Syracuse for Syracuse's
2005 3rd round draft choice.
93.) Baltimore trades Jose Morban, Rocco Baldelli and Pete Walker to Virginia
for Jay Payton and Ruben Mateo.
94.) Syracuse - Releases Dane Sardinha.


95.) Buckeye trades Mark Grudzielanek to Virginia for Nick Bierbrodt, Jamey
Carroll and Virginia's 2006 1st round draft choice.
96.) Buckeye trades Jamie Moyer to Greenville for Greenville's 2005 1st round
draft choice.
97.) Virginia trades Carlos Febles to Baltimore for a chocolate chip cookie.
98.) Greenville trades Wilson Betemit to Virginia for $500,000.
99.) Tampa Bay trades Roy Halladay to Lafontaine Park for Wade Miller, Dewon
Brazelton and Joel Zumaya.
100.) Rivendell trades John Vander Wal to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's
2005 3rd round draft choice and $375,000.
101.) Buckeye trades Cal Eldred and Gary Knotts to Virginia for $450,000.
102.) Buckeye trades Chris Singleton to Baltimore for $20,000.
103.) Maryland trades Neal Cotts and Tommy Phelps to Buckeye for David Riske
and $200,000.
104.) Buckeye trades Wil Ledezma to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's
2006 4th round draft choice and $100,000.
105.) Tampa Bay trades Wade Miller and Joe Beimel to Plum Island for Sidney
Ponson, Brian Daubach, Ryan Hannaman, Boof Bonser and Plum Island's 2005 1st
round draft choice.
106.) Buckeye trades Brandon Lyon to Portland for Graham Koonce and $250,000.
107.) Tampa Bay trades Roger Clemens and Raul Ibanez to Annadale for Paul
Wilson, Juan Rivera, Scott Kazmir and Annadale's 2005 1st round draft.
108.) Silver trades Carl Everett to Annadale for Annadale's 2006 2nd round
draft choice.
109.) Waukesha trades Jason Isringhausen to Annadale for a bag of cotton
110.) Annadale trades Orlando Merced to Aspen for a bag of peanuts.


111.) Syracuse trades Brian Giles to West Oakland for Bobby Abreu.
112.) Annadale trades Rocky Biddle to Taggart for a Titan mug.
113.) Annadale trades Michael Tucker to Baltimore for $10,000.
114.) Williamsburg trades Bret Boone to Annadale for Annadale's 2006 1st
round draft choice and $1,500,000.
115.) Lafontaine Park trades Jeremy Giambi and $500,000 to Maryland for a bag
of carrots.
116.) Annadale trades Steven Randolph to Virginia for a couple of tickets to
Busch Gardens.
117.) Taggart trades Chad Harville to Williamsburg for Joey Eischen.
118.) Silver trades Al Leiter to Taggart for Adriano Rosario, Ramiro Mendoza,
Kurt Ainsworth and Taggart's 2005 2nd round draft choice.
119.) Annadale trades Mike Williams to Syracuse for a Skychiefs championship
120.) Annadale trades Brian Reith to Rivendell for a Miller Park brat.
121.) Buckeye trades Chad Zerbe and Scott Stewart to Rivendell for Rivendell's
2005 4th round draft choice.
122.) Rivendell - Releases Todd Ritchie.
123.) Syracuse - Releases Victor Alvarez.


124.) Waukesha trades Brady Clark to Taggart for Joe Valentine and Taggart's
2005 4th round draft choice.
125.) Virginia trades Cal Eldred to Buckeye for $25,000.
126.) Baltimore trades Jay Witasick and Aaron Fultz to Buckeye for a rusty
tennis racket.
127.) Baltimore trades Dave Hansen to Buckeye for Travis Lee and $625,000.
128.) Greenville trades Tom Gordon, Tim Redding and Matt Belisle to Portland
for Justin Duchscherer, Aaron Miles, Aaron Harang and $200,000.
129.) Williamsburg trades Jason Kershner and Jeremy Guthrie to Portland for
Jon Rauch and Jason Christiansen.


130.) Baltimore trades Jose Macias to Greenville for $100,000.
131.) Savannah trades Rheal Cormier to Lafontaine Park for Ryan
132.) Silver trades Matt Mantei and Timo Perez to Gotham City for
Roberto Hernandez, Jason Werth and $100,000.
133.) Waukesha trades Denny Neagle and $1,000,000 to Toontown for
future considerations.
134.) Lafontaine Park - Releases Jeffrey Hammonds.
135.) Gotham City trades Bobby Estalella and $200,000 to Williamsburg for
a pair of used University of Kentucky football tickets.
136.) Plum Island trades Chris Widger to Williamsburg for $200,000.
137.) Williamsburg - Releases Kelly Stinnett and Roy Corcoran.
138.) Toontown - Releases Kyle Snyder.
139.) Greenville - Releases Robb Nen.