1.) Virginia extends Todd Jones contract for 1 year at $5,000,000.
2.) Silver trades Sean Casey to Aspen for Josh Fogg, Mike Gosling and Aspen's 2006 5th round draft choice.
3.) Rivendell trades Luis Castillo, Doug Davis and Conor Jackson to Montreal for Jimmy Rollins, Mike Lamb and $1,500,000.
4.) Maryland trades Matt Clement to Mansfield for Scott Podsednik and Mansfield's 2006 3rd round draft choice.
5.) West Oakland trades J.J. Hardy to Waukesha for John Patterson.
6.) Portland trades Dave Roberts to Montreal for $620,000.
7.) Silver trades Jason LaRue, Michael Barrett, Salomon Torres and $2,400,000 to Buckeye for Toby Hall, Travis Lee and Jose Mesa.
8.) Annadale trades Roger Clemens, B.J. Ryan and <yet to be determined player> to Montreal for Runelvys Hernandez, Laynce Nix and Lyle Overbay.
9.) Silver trades J.D. Drew to Mansfield for Ryan Harvey.
10.) Silver trades Mike Adams to Montreal for $150,000.
11.) Taggart trades Nick Green and Kyle Farnsworth to Montreal for Sergio Santos.
12.) Silver trades Preston Wilson to Exeter for $900,000.
13.) Northwoods trades Juan Uribe to Exeter for $1,250,000.
14.) Silver trades Eric Chavez and Carlos Beltran to West Oakland for Wily Mo Pena, Jayson Werth and Joe Crede.
15.) Plum Island trades Ron Belliard and Jae-Kuk Ryu to Silver for Alfonso Soriano.
16.) Mansfield trades Richie Gardner to Silver for Jason Isringhausen.
17.) Silver trades Moises Alou to Mansfield for Javier Herrera.
18.) Williamsburg trades Tony Clark to Montreal for Montreal's 2006 1st round draft choice.
19.) Lafontaine Park trades David Newhan to Silver for $250,000.
20.) Buckeye trades Willie Harris to Plum Island for $50,000.
21.) Buckeye trades Ramon Martinez and $250,000 to Silver for a bag of buttered popcorn.
22.) Buckeye trades John Grabow and Dennys Reyes to Taggart for $200,000.
23.) Montreal trades Mike Koplove to Exeter for $150,000.
24.) Hoboken trades Dontrelle Willis, Jason Schmidt, Roberto Alomar, Hoboken's 2006 4th round draft choice and $1,600,000 to Santa Barbara for Gustavo Chacin and Tim Wakefield.
25.) Montreal trades Manny Parra to Hokoken for $150,000.
26.) Santa Barbara trades Brian Bruney to Exeter for $250,000.
27.) Montreal trades Hernan Iribarren to Greenville for Greenville's 2006 4th round draft choice.
28.) Hoboken trades Francisco Cordero to Gotham City for Jason Frasor.


29.) Plum Island trades Matt Mantei and Plum Island's 2007 3rd round draft choice to Silver for Mike Timlin.
30.) Taggart trades Alex Gonzalez to Mansfield for Mansfield's 2007 3rd round draft choice.
31.) Taggart trades Esteban Yan, Yorvit Torrealba and Josh Banks to Buckeye for Jason LaRue and Ramon Ortiz.
32.) Northwoods trades Jose Lima, Vinny Castilla and $4,945,000 to Exeter for a bag of balls.
33.) Hoboken trades Manny Ramirez to Buckeye for Joel Zumaya and Dioner Navarro.
34.) Plum Island trades Pedro Astacio and Plum Island's 2006 4th round draft choice to Exeter for David Weathers.
35.) Alaska trades Sun-Woo Kim and Andruw Jones to Hoboken for Austin Kearns and Dioner Navarro.


36.) Alaska releases Benito Santiago.
37.) Virginia trades Ricky Ledee to Taggart for a bag of peanuts.
38.) Santa Barbara releases Roberto Alomar, Brent Mayne, Ismael Valdes, Steve Sparks and Todd Van Poppel.
39.) Aspen trades Frank Menechino to Taggart for a bag of peanuts.
40.) Taggart trades Brian Giles to Lafontaine Park for Billy Butler.
41.) Port Richey trades Adam Kennedy to Maryland for Corey Koskie and Julio Santana.
42.) Exeter trades Nate Robertson to San Bernardino for San Bernardino's 2006 1st round draft choice.
43.) Taggart trades Jacque Jones and $2,400,000 to Plum Island for Port Richey's 2007 3rd round draft choice.
44.) Waukesha trades Edgar Renteria, Luis A. Gonzalez, Mark Sweeney, Jose Cappelan and $2,000,000 to Montreal for Eric Young.
45.) Taggart trades Scott Kazmir to Annadale for Zach Greinke.
46.) Mansfield trades Orlando Hernandez, Craig Counsell and $4,000,000 to Gotham City for Michael Cuddyer.
47.) Maryland trades Mark DeRosa to Virginia for Virginia's 2007 3rd and 4th round draft choices.
48.) Montreal trades Luis A. Gonzalez and $1,300,000 to Hoboken for Joaquin Benoit and Cole Hamels.
49.) Buckeye trades Jose Molina and Montreal's 2006 4th round draft choice to Montreal for Montreal's 2006 2nd round draft choice.
50.) Taggart trades Brandon League, John Grabow, Chin-Hui Tsao, Edgardo Alfonzo and $2,000,000 to Greenville for Corey Hart, Pedro Feliz, Jose Vizcaino and Bobby Higginson.
51.) Alaska trades Dustin Hermanson to Hoboken for Jon Lieber, J.T. Snow, Hoboken's 2007 3rd round draft choice and $2,180,000.
52.) Taggart trades Kameron Loe, Jeremy Reed and Taggart's 2006 4th round draft choice to South Range for Shin-Soo Choo, Steve Finley, David Bush and South Range's 2006 1st round draft choice.
53.) Buckeye trades Brian Lawrence to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's 2007 4th round draft choice.
54.) Greenville releases Chin-Hui Tsao.
55.) Aspen trades Hoboken's 2006 1st round draft choice to Lafontaine Park for Lafontaine Park's 2007 1st round draft choice.
56.) Northwoods trades Doug Waechter to Santa Barbara for Jason Schmidt and $4,000,000.
57.) Northwoods trades Curt Granderson and $750,000 to Montreal for Mark Sweeney, Nick Green and Cole Hamels.
58.) Waukesha trades A.J. Burnett and Mike Lowell to Maryland for Oliver Perez, Lew Ford, Braden Looper and Maryland's 2006 2nd round draft choice.
59.) Waukesha trades Paul Konerko to Virginia for Ian Kinsler, Nomar Garciaparra, Kazuhisa Ishii and Daryle Ward.
60.) Alaska trades Shawn Green, Jon Leiber and $1,700,000 to Maryland for Aaron Cook, Andy Sisco, Larry Bigbie, Mansfield's 2006 3rd round draft choice and Maryland's 2007 2nd round draft choice.


61.) Montreal trades Edgar Renteria to Plum Island for Mike Sweeney.
62.) Virginia trades Orlando Palmeiro to Montreal for $751,000.
63.) Maryland releases Blaine Neal.
64.) Virginia trades Jorge Posada to Montreal for Paul Lo Duca and Montreal's 2007 2nd round draft choice.
65.) West Oakland trades Deivi Cruz to Montreal for Montreal's 2006 4th round draft choice.
66.) West Oakland releases Terry Adams.
67.) Waukesha releases Rocky Biddle and Joe Valentine.
68.) Aspen trades B.J. Surhoff to Silver for a bag of peanuts
69.) Maryland trades Cal Eldred to West Oakland for a picture of Bill Ziem at a Wolverines' game.
70.) Exeter trades Preston Wilson to Plum Island for Plum Island's 2007 5th round draft choice and a pint of Guinness.
71.) Waukesha trades Seth McClung to Alaska for Aaron Sele and Lafontaine Park's 2006 4th round draft choice.
72.) Taggart trades Dennys Reyes to Silver for a bag of roasted peanuts.
73.) Taggart releases Bobby Higginson and Juan Gonzalez.
74.) Gotham City trades Geoff Blum to Waukesha for a beer and a bratwurst.
75.) Santa Barbara releases Marquis Grissom.
76.) Alaska releases Val Majewski, Alberto Castillo and Roberto Petagine.
77.) Montreal releases Carlos Hernandez.
78.) South Range releases Tim Redding and Dan Miceli.
79.) Hoboken releases Andy Ashby and Rick Ankiel.
80.) Montreal sends Mike Sweeney and $5,200,000 to Hoboken for Jose Lopez
81.) Plum Island releases Scott Chiasson, Jeff Huisman, Justin Wayne and
Bret Prinz.
82.) Taggart releases Scott Sauerbeck.
83.) Waukesha trades Seth McClung to Alaska for Aaron Sele and Lafontaine
Park's 2006 4th round draft choice.
84.) Gotham City trades Geoff Blum to Waukesha for a beer and a bratwurst.
85.) South Range trades its 2007 5th round pick to Montreal for
Montreal's 2006 5th round pick.


86.)Taggart ships Randy Keisler to Silver for a bag o' peanuts.
87.) Northwoods sends Woody Williams to Silver for a Slugger replica bat.
88.) Mansfield trades its 2007 2nd round pick to Montreal for Eric Byrnes.
89.) Greenville trades Aaron Small to South Range for the South Range 3rd
round pick in 2007.
90.) San Bernardino trades Danny Ardoin to Annadale for the 2007 Annadale
4th round pick.
91.) Alaska trades Gil Meche to Taggart for Adam Eaton and the 2008 Alaska 4th round pick.
92.) Plum Island trades Alex Escobar, Chad Moeller and the Plum Island 2008 2nd round pick to Taggart for Jason LaRue.
93.) Taggart release Alex Escobar.
94.) Taggart trades Dan Meyer to Lafontaine Park for a sense of community.
95.) Silver trades BJ Surhoff to Annadale for a bag of balls.


96.) Taggart trades Shin-Soo Choo to Exeter for the Exeter 2007 3rd round pick.
97.) Taggart trades Rick Helling to Lafonatine Park for the Lafontaine Park 2008 4th round pick.
98.) Taggart trades Ricky Ledee to Lafontaine Park for the Lafontaine Park 2007 5th round pick.
99.) South Range trades Wes Obermueller to Taggart for $100,000.
100.) Alaska cuts Jeremi Gonzalez.
101.) Silver drops Matt Mantei, Ryan Ludwick & Humberto Quintero.
102.) South Range sends Nate McLouth to Montreal for $50,000.
103.) Montreal cuts Jack Cust and Koyie Hill.
104.) Lafontaine Park trades Franklyn German to Northwoods for a jug of maple syrup.
105.) Lafontaine Park sends Josh Phelps to Plum Island for yet more maple syrup.
106.) Exeter cuts Allan Simpson.
107.) Lafontaine Park cuts Matt Riley.
108.) South Range trades Geovanny Soto and Tony Blanco to Virginia for some Starbucks coffee.
109.) South Range trades Brayan Pena to Greenville for dignity and self worth.
110.) South Range releases Miguel Perez and Paul Quantrill.
111.) Williamsburg releases Paul Wilson and Eude Brito.


112.) Northwoods sends Rob Mackowiak to Taggart for peanuts.
113.) Taggart releases Frank Menechino.
114.) Gotham City trades Steve Kline to Mansfield for peanuts.


115.) Greenville trades Cliff Politte to Maryland for the 2007 Virginia 2nd Round pick.
116.) Montreal trades Jake Westbrook & Nate McLouth to Virginia for Mark DeRosa, Pedro Martinez and Todd Jones.
117.) Montreal sends Kyle Farnsworth & $500,000 to Plum Island for Boof Bonser & Adam Lind.
118.) Plum Island releases Randy Choate.


119.) Exeter trades Mags Ordonez & Chris Gomez to Plum Island for Sammy Sosa & Joe McEwing.
120.) Taggart sends Sal Fasano, David Bell, the 2007 Mansfield #3 & $750,000 to Montreal for D'Angelo Jimenez, Chris Resop and Greg Miller.
121.) Montreal trades Jose Capellan, Jorge Posada, Mansfield 2007 #2, #3 picks & $1,250,000 to Annadale for Torii Hunter and Jason Varitek.
122.) Plum Island sends Wade Davis to Lafontaine Park for Matt LeCroy, Jamie Walker and $300,000.
123.) Maryland sends Mark Redman to Waukesha for Julio Franco.
124.) Plum Island releases Pokey Reese.
125.) Plum Island sends Geronimo Gil to Taggart for $10,000.
126.) Virginia sold Tony Womack to Williamsburg for $40,000.
127.) Silver trades Shawn Chacon and the Silver 2007 4th round pick to Maryland for John Maine and Brad Halsey.
128.) Taggart cuts Ricky Bottalico.
129.) Montreal sends Jose Molina to Gotham for Eddy Martinez-Esteve.
130.) Montreal trades Adrian Beltre and Jimmy Barthmaier to South Range for Mike Lamb.
131.) Silver cuts Jose Mesa.
132.) Silver sends Julian Tavarez to Buckeye for Jeff Weaver.
133.) Silver trades Dennys Reyes and Ronnie Belliard to Alaska for Desi Relaford and John Wasdin.
134.) Montreal trades Jeff Bagwell and Brandon Moss to Aspen for Kelly Shoppach.
135.) Montreal trades Melky Cabrera and Garrett Mock to Santa Barbara for Julio Lugo.
136.) Alaska trades C Neil Walker, SP Gavin Floyd, and OF Kelly Johnson to Annadale for OF Carlos Lee and RP Scot Shields.
137.) Santa Barbara sends Trot Nixon and Mark Teahen to Annadale for Bobby Abreu.
138.) Santa Barbara sends Dontrelle Willis and Bobby Abreu to San Bernardino for 11,000,000, 2007 1st,3rd 2008 1st and Plum Island 2007 2nd round.
139.) San Bernardino releases Craig Dingman and Mike Burns.
140.) Williamsburg releases John Parrish.


141.) Montreal trades Dallas McPherson and the Montreal 2007 #3 to West Oakland for Eric Chavez.
142.) Lafontaine Park Trades Brian Giles & $1,250,000 to Montreal for Adam Jones.
143.) West Oakland sends Juan Dominguez to Lafontaine Park for $200,000.
144.) Montreal trades Mike Adams to LPD Hector Carrasco.
145.) Mansfield sends Brian Jordan to LPD for peanuts.
146.) Buckeye trades Ezequiel Astacio to Mansfield for $50,000.
147.) West Oakland sends Clint Barmes to Mansfield for Duaner Sanchez.