1.) Northwoods extends Kenny Rogers contract for 1 year at $5,000,000.
2.) Montreal trades Emil Brown and Daric Barton to Hogan's for Ray Durham and Joey Votto
3.) Lafontaine Park trades Philip Hughes, Reid Brignac, Wade Davis, and Jonny Gomes to Plum Island for Felix Hernandez
4.) Montreal trades David Bell and Montreal's 2007 5th round draft choice to Greenville for A.J. Pierzynski
5.) Montreal extends Bronson Arroyo contract for 3 years at $15,000,000
6.) Montreal trades Bronson Arroyo to Exeter for Mike Piazza.
7.) Virginia trades Jorge Julio and $500,000 to Gotham City for Felipe Lopez
8.) Virginia trades Melvin Mora to Exeter for $500,000.
9.) Montreal trades Mike Piazza to Virginia for Jake Westbrook and Dustin Nippert.
10.) Taggart trades Carl Crawford and Port Richey's 2007 3rd round draft choice to Port Richey for Bill Hall and Port Richey's 2007 6th round draft choice..
11.) Taggart trades David Eckstein to Exeter for Ben Broussard.
12.) Virginia trades Jason Michaels to Silver for $250,000.
13.) South Range releases Erubiel Durazo and Matt Lawton.
14.) Virginia trades Jason Lane to Waukesha for $500,000.
15.) Northwoods trades Adam Everett to Silver for Silver's 2007 5th round draft choice and $250,000.
16.) Virginia trades Milton Bradley to Taggart for Chris Resop and Zach Jackson.
17.) Montreal trades Torii Hunter and $2.4 million to West Oakland for J.J. Putz.
18.) New York trades Alex Rodriguez to Taggart for Taggart's 2007 1st round draft choice.
19.) Greenville trades Aaron Rowand to Port Richey for Port Richey's 2007 5th round draft choice.
20.) Greenville releases Jose Acevedo, Mike DeJean, Matt Ginter, Darrell May and Edgardo Alfonzo.
21.) Mansfield trades Michael Cuddyer to Northwoods for Northwoods 2007 1st round draft choice.
22.) West Oakland sends Troy Tulowitzky to Plum Island for Freddie Garcia.
23.) Silver trades Andy Phillips to New York for Jeremy Affeldt.
24.) Montreal trades Jose Lopez, Eric Chavez, Clint Everts and $1,000,000 to South Range for Greg Maddux and Kevin Youkilis.


25.) Montreal trades Conor Jackson, Jhonny Peralta and $750,000 to Aspen for Erik Bedard and Lafontaine Park's 2007 1st round draft choice.
26.) Virginia trades Kenny Lofton and Virginia's 2007 1st round draft choice to Aspen for Omar Vizquel.
27.) Northwoods trades Brady Penny to West Oakland for Roy Oswalt and Kerry Wood.
28.) Gotham City trades Rondell White and $2,600,000 to Mansfield for a bag of peanuts.
29.) Annadale trades Damian Jackson to Montreal for $75,000.
30.) Aspen trades Jack Wilson to Plum Island for Tim Stauffer.
31.) Taggart trades Shane Victorino to Virginia for Felipe Lopez.
32.) Hoboken trades Derek Jeter and Jason Frasor to Montreal for Adam Dunn and Julio Lugo.
33.) Exeter trades Byung-Hyun Kim to Montreal for Montreal's 2008 5th round draft choice.
34.) Aspen releases Jeff Bagwell, Bret Boone, Shigetoshi Hasegawa and Chris Spurling.
35.) Lafontaine Park trades Russ Adams to Exeter for $1,000,000.
36.) Virginia trades Josh Paul to Greenville for Brian Sikorski.
37.) Silver trades Jason Michaels to Greenville for $200,000.
38.) Greenville trades Greenville's 2007 3rd round draft choice to Mansfield for Mansfield's 2008 3rd round draft choice.
39.) Lafontaine Park trades Willy Taveras to Taggart for $2,500,000.
40.) Exeter trades Jose Vidro and $500,000 to Gotham City for Gabe Gross.
41.) Silver trades Gary Bennett to Lafontaine Park for $200,000.
42.) Gotham City trades Mark Bellhorn and $375,000 to Mansfield for an unused 2006 NY Yankee World Series ticket.
43.) Plum Island trades Todd Greene to Lafontaine Park for Angel Berroa.
44.) Northwoods trades Javy Lopez and $2,600,000 to Port Richey for a bag of balls.
45.) Northwoods trades Billy Wagner to Virginia for Tom Gordon and Virginia's 2008 1st round draft choice.


46.) Hogan's trades Robb Quinlan and Ryan Church to Plum Island for Plum Island's 2008 3rd and 6th round draft choices.
47.) Maryland trades Jermaine Dye and Maryland's 2007 4th round draft choice to Viriginia for Gary Sheffield, Tim Hudson, Matt Kemp and $2,100,000.
48.) Taggart trades Felipe Lopez to Port Richey for Horacio Ramirez.
49.) Hogan's trades Dan Johnson, Jason Repko and $100,000 to Montreal for Montreal's 2008 4th round draft choice.
50.) Alaska trades Miguel Batista, Travis Harper and $566,000 to Virginia for Zach Jackson and Nate McLouth.
51.) Alaska releases Rey Olmedo.
52.) Montreal trades Jake Westbrook, Dustin Nippert, Rheal Cormier and Montreal's 2008 1st round draft choice to New York for Chris Carpenter and New York's 2008 4th round draft choice.
53.) Taggart trades Brad Snyder and Taggart's 2008 1st to South Range for Johnny Estrada.
54.) Taggart trades Aaron Sele, Horacio Ramirez, Billy Butler and Elvis Andrus to South Range for Chris Capuano.
55.) South Range trades Billy Butler to Lafontaine Park for Adam Jones.
56.) Taggart trades Kyle Farnsworth and $2,000,000 to West Oakland for West Oakland's 2007 2nd round draft choice.
57.) South Range trades Brad Snyder and Jimmy Barthmaier to Lake Zurich for Brandon Claussen and Gary Majewski.


58.) Taggart trades Steve Finley and $3,500,000 to Maryland for Maryland's 2008 4th round draft choice.
59.) Hogan's releases Franklyn Gutierrez, Doug Waechter and Merkin Valdez.
60.) Taggart trades Scott Elarton and $2,000,000 to Silver for a big bag of nothing.
61.) Exeter releases Scott Atchison, Glendon Rusch, Ryan Klesko, Sammy Sosa and John Olerud.
62.) Taggart trades Maryland's 2008 4th round draft choice to Maryland for Virginia's 2007 4th round draft choice.
63.) Taggart trades Lafontaine Park's 2008 4th round draft choice to Plum Island for Plum Island's 2007 4th round draft choice.
64.) Mansfield trades Dan Wheeler and $1,500,000 to Virginia for Chris Resop.


65.) Taggart releases Darin Erstad, Tyler Walker, Lenny Dinardo, Mike Gallo and Chip Ambres.
Lafontaine Park trades Luis Ayala to West Oakland for a ham sandwich.
67.) Virginia drops Brooks Kieschnick.
68.) Maryland trades Pedro Astacio and Sandy Alomar to South Range for a bag of nothing.
69.) Virginia trades Brian Meadows to South Range for a pack of bubble gum.
70.) Silver trades Jeff Davanon to Maryland for Maryland's 2008 3rd round draft choice.
71.) Lafontaine Park releases Zach Day, Juan Dominguez, Ricardo Rodriguez, Kip Wells, Hee Seop Choi, Brendan Harris, Guillermo Quirox and Ricky Ledee.
72.) Waukesha trades Bob Wickman to Gotham City for Brad Thompson.
73.) Williamsburg releases Junior Spivey, Tike Redman, John Parrish and John Foster.
74.) Gotham City releases Tim Worrell and Shawn Estes.
75.) Montreal releases Ryan Raburn, Orlando Palmeiro and Damian Jackson.


76.) Aspen trades Dan Uggla to Hogan's for Jason Bartlett and Chris Duffy.
77.) New York releases Luis Rivas.
78.) Taggart releases Jose Vizcaino and Robert Fick.
79.) Lake Zurich releases Octavio Dotel and Travis Bowyer.
80.) Alaska releases Humberto Cota.
81.) Williamsburg releases Tony Womack.
82.) Aspen trades Ryan Freel, Anibal Sanchez and $1,000,000 to Annadale for Scott Kazmir and Annadale's 2008 1st round draft choice.
83.) Exeter releases Keith Foulke.
84.) Williamsburg trades Rob Bowen, Williamsburg's 2008 4th round draft choice and $1,000,000 to Aspen for Brad Ausmus.
85.) Silver releases Robert Andino, Ryan Drese, Travis Lee, Jae-Kuk Ryu, Brian Shouse, Michael Tucker and John Wasdin.
86.) Maryland releases Brian Jordan, John McDonald and Yorman Bazardo.
87.) South Range releases Eric Reed and Michael Bourn.
88.) Taggart releases Aaron Guiel.
89.) Waukesha releases Carl Pavano.
90.) Lafontaine Park releases Denny Bautista and Jesse Foppert.
91.) Plum Island releases Tim Redding, Jorge Vasquez, Erubiel Durazo, Ken Harvey and Mike Restovich.
92.) Hoboken releases Jason Johnson, Sun-Woo Kim and Pete Walker.
93.) New York trades Bobby Abreu and Aramis Ramirez to Lafontaine Park for Hank Blalock, Xavier Nady, Luke Hochevar and Akinori Iwamura.


94.) Silver trades Josh Bard and Josh Johnson to Lafontaine Park for Andrew Brackman, Brandon Phillips, Ryan Madson and Lafontaine Park's 2008 3rd round draft choice.


95.) Silver trades Wily Mo Pena to Hoboken for Garrett Anderson.
96.) New York trades Jake Westbrook to Plum Island for Casey Fossum, Plum Island's 2009 1st round draft choice, and $500,000.

97.) Taggart trades Jose Castillo and Taggart's 2009 2nd round draft choice to New York for Juan Encarnacion and Mark Ellis.
98.) Taggart releases Dana Eveland.


99.) Waukesha trades Reed Johnson to Montreal for Ryan Tucker.
100.) South Range trades Eric Chavez and Mike MacDougal to Montreal for Montreal's 2008 3rd round draft choice.
101.) Montreal releases Jeff Keppinger, Josh Kinney and Scott Strickland.
102.) Gotham City trades Jacoby Ellsbury and John Rheinecker to New York for Mariano Rivera and $5,000,000.
103.) Virginia trades Hector Carrasco and Ricky Nolasco to Taggart for Andy Marte and Alaska's 2008 4th round draft choice.
104.) Virginia trades Omar Vizquel to Lafontaine Park for Seth McClung and Lafontaine Park's 2008 2nd round draft choice.
105.) Taggart trades Erick Aybar, Ricky Nolasco and Edwin Jackson to New York for Mike Gonzalez and Dustin Nippert.


106.) Montreal trades Kevin Youkilis, Kelly Shoppach, Jason Frasor and Alfredo Amezaga to Virginia for Roger Clemens, Olmedo Saenz, Chris Gomez, Chris Coste, Virginia's 2009 1st round draft choice and $2,000,000.
107. ) Annadale trades Ryan Freel to Montreal for Mike Lamb, Jason Repko, George Kottaras and $300,000.
108.) Montreal trades Byung-Hyun Kim to Port Richey for three Andy Stankiewicz rookie cards.
109.) Gotham City trades Kurt Suzuki, Luis Gonzales and $250,000 to New York for Gary Matthews Jr and Joe Nelson.
110.) Virginia trades Wilson Betemit to Montreal for Montreal's 2008 2nd round draft choice and $500,000.
111.) Silver trades Scott Elarton and $700,000 to Port Richey for a bag of stale popcorn.
112.) Gotham City releases Chris Hammond.
113.) Waukesha trades Jose Valentin to Taggart for John Grabow, John Mayberry Jr. and Taggart's 2008 2nd round draft choice.
114.) Mansfield signs Vinny Castilla, Willie Eyre, Sendy Rleal, Josh Towers and Todd Williams.
115.) Greenville signs Joe Nathan to a 2-year contract extension.
116.) Maryland trades Ron Villone, Chin-Lung Hu and Danny Ardoin to New York for David Ross and Rheal Cormier.


117.) Annadale trades Luke Scott to Montreal for Adam Lind and Montreal's 2009 1st round draft choice.
118.) West Oakland trades Carlos Beltran to Montreal for Brian Giles, Melvin Mora and $1,000,000.
119.) Annadale trades Rynelvys Hernandez to Montreal for $50,000.
120.) Maryland trades Arthur Rhodes and $146,000 to Montreal for a dozen bagels.
121.) West Oakland trades Josh Rupe to Montreal for 2 tickets to Foreigner.
122.) Montreal releases J.D. Closser.
123.) Gotham City trades Kent Mercker to Plum Island for a dozen Dunkin Doughnuts.
Exeter trades Elmer Dessens to Plum Island for a used ticket stub.
125.) Plum Island releases David Wells and Tanyon Sturtze.