Brassworld Moneyball Final 2004


This analysis attempts to relate extra money spent on payroll above the required $25 million to wins beyond a replacement level team which is presumed to have a winning percentage of .300.


Funny how many of the same teams that over perform with respect to Pythagorean analysis also win more games with less money spent.


Best GM performance by a playoff contender belongs to Silver whose GM put together a team that won an extra 7 games per extra million beyond 25 million spent. Other excellent GMs include those of San Bernardino, Virginia, Portland, Plum Island, Gotham City and last year’s Billy Beane winner LaFontaine Park. All these but San Bernardino are playoff bound.


The most competitive division this year was the Aaron followed by the Ruth as both divisions as a whole posted above average marginal wins/marginal million of payroll.

These two divisions were best last year as well although the method of measurement was different. The Mays division however became the least competitive by this analysis with worst average efficiency for dollars spent. The sole exception to substandard management was Northwoods which posted a hypothetical 106 wins extra per million spent. Such frugality with a .470 winning percentage embarrasses so many other Brassworld teams which spent far more to win fewer games.

Moneyball Final 2004 Complete Review in Excel Format.