Moneyball Report October 2005


A little late I hope is better than never. This year’s final numbers continue trends that have been noticed since the original report went out 2 years ago.


As a reminder, the final number values of “marginal win/per marginal million spent” (MW/MM) are calculated by dividing wins in excess of a .300 W-L% by payroll millions spent above the floor of $25 million.  The more wins a team has per extra million spent is then postulated as a measure of GM genius though to be honest it could represent good luck.


The division winner with best MW/MM value is LaFontaine Park. With the 8th highest payroll, the Diamonds won the 2nd most games, a stunning .660 WL%.  The best overall value however goes to San Bernardino which obtained an extra 1.5 wins per marginal million spent. San Bernardino continues to do well in these rankings, and with a large bank account, may be lying in wait to ambush Brassworld in 2006.


The numbers also suggest that as last year, the Ruth division continues to be the most competitive with an overall 0.85 MW/MM rate and that the Cobb division GMs collectively have made the least productive personnel moves.

The Ruth division also continues to have best overall WL% in Brassworld, a trend I believe that dates from its inception. With the arrival of the new Portland GM, it will be interesting to see what track this team takes.


For the first time, we have a team (Mansfield) with negative MW/MM value. It’s as if the more the GM spends, the more they lose. The Peter Angelos Award belongs here.

Moneyball Excel Report October 2005